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Bring Marcel’s passion, knowledge & experience to your organization!

Marcel has a success message for your audience, but also a “Fun & Entertaining” style that ensures that your entire organization will be taking steps towards your intended targets and commercial objectives.

Many people think that sales is a theoretical process, but it has everything to do with attitude and emotion.

For over 20 years, Marcel has been delivering powerful, unique and innovative sales and success training to enthusiastic  SalesProfessionals, Sales Managers and Entrepreneurs. Your audience is not only inspired and motivated to achieve both personal and business success. Marcel also gives them the necessary tools to meet challenges, adapt to changes, increase their efforts and productivity, solve problems and last but not least ………..

Presentation Formats


The perfect way to start or end your / conference / meeting / convention or inject an energy boost at any other time during your event. Despite the fact that the time of a Keynote is rather short, your audience is treated to illustrative practical examples, research-based theory and humorous anecdotes. Unique and specifically aimed at your audience.
Duration:  30 – 90 min.


In this 3- to 4 hour program your audience is challenged to participate in practical exercises, individual & group activities and development moments. No boring one-way traffic like with a typical “Talk” but a “High Energy”, interactive program that works best when the participants already know each other or better still, work closely together within your organization.
Duration: 3 – 4 hours.


Knowing exactly how to sell “Whatever” to “Whoever” is actually the same as knowing the code of a safe. If you miss one digit or enter the numbers in the wrong order, the safe will remain closed. In this fascinating, powerful and at the same time confrontational seminar, Marcel will teach your SalesProfessionals his proven sales techniques, strategies & systems and show them with which “Sales Code” they are guaranteed to open the safe filled with an unlimited number of new customers.
Duration: 4 – 5 hours.

Salestrainer Bootcamp:

The two-day Salestrainer Bootcamp has been developed specifically to give your Sales Leaders, Sales Trainers and Sales Managers the right management skills. Whether it concerns regional managers who manage dozens of B2B account managers or team captains who recruit, interview and train B2C SalesProfessionals every day, all your Sales Managers will benefit from creating a top-level sports mentality with which they can manage their teams in a more powerful, motivating and inspiring way. In addition to developing the necessary leadership skills, Marcel works with them in the areas of Goalsetting, Goal Achieving and Public Speaking Skills. There is a lot of focus on creating successful ways to be the ultimate example for the SalesProfessionals they manage.
Duration: 12 – 14 hours.

Sales Bootcamp:

When you opt for the Sales Bootcamp, your sales staff will experience and learn the complete arsenal of sales strategies during 2 intensive training days. Marcel will hand your sales staff all the tools needed to take their sales-, and communication skills to the next level. During interactive pitch training sessions, Marcel will also make your sales professionals take a look in the mirror because in addition to all the positive motivation and excitement, he also believes that there must be room for constructive criticism. No boring theoretical material from “Sales Books” but inspiring eye-openers based on 20 years of experience.
Duration: 12 – 14 hours.

Private 1 on 1 Navigator Program:

Let Marcel act as your personal navigator on the road from target stress and cancels, to a higher conversion, more realistic goals, more closed deals and therefore more money in your bank account. After a 2 hour intake you decide together whether this program and Marcel being your coach are worth committing to. Immediately after your intake you will start your “Skill Set Upgrade”. Together with Marcel you will focus on Sales Skills, Goal Setting Skills & Public Speaking Skills. Did you always think that you couldn’t afford Private Coaching Sessions? The hourly rate for this program is based on income and therefore a smart investment for everyone.
Duration: min 12 hours.

Executive Coaching Program:

The E.C.P. is not suitable for everyone. During this exclusive format Marcel only works with extremely dedicated entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs feel that they should be getting even better results than they’re already achieving. They are willing to push themselves daily to create exceptional results in a very short time! Whether you are self-employed without staff or own a large company with dozens of employees, this program is NOT meant to “Just Make More Money By Working Harder”. The key word that makes this program unique is BALANCE! Together with Marcel you will look for BALANCE between Time for Sport, Time for Relationships & Family, Time for Meditation and / or Prayer, Time for Money Management & Contribution, Time for Healthy Food / , Time for Goal Setting, Time for Gratitude & Reflection, Time for Relaxation, Time for Altruistic Giving, Time for Vacation & Entertainment and …………Time for your Business. Only when this fully personalized balance is clear will the focus shift to setting, monitoring & achieving the intended short- and mid-term objectives.
Duration: 3 months.


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About Marcel

Since 1996, after 10 years in the hospitality industry, Marcel has become an expert in recruiting, educating, training, coaching & mentoring SalesProfessionals, Account Managers, Sales Managers & Starting Entrepreneurs.
Over the past 20 years Marcel has helped hundreds of starting & established companies to hit their commercial goals & targets.
During this exciting adventure over 10.000 SalesProfessionals trained by Marcel have brought in more than 1 million new customers for companies like; Wave International, Wolf Movie Theaters, over 200 different restaurants & fast food chains like McDonald’s, Coronel Go-Kart Racing Tracks, Wegener Media, Tele 2, Essent, Ziggo, Oxxio, Fiber, Scarlet, Casema, Eneco, Stipte, Energie Direct, Nederlandse Energie Maatschappij, E-ON, Caiway, Nuon, T-Mobile & American Express.


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Kari Weber Young

Founder, Umbrella 4 Life USA

Marcel heeft mij verder geholpen om mijn eigen salesgesprekken nog succesvoller te laten verlopen. Met één van zijn salestrainingen heeft hij mij, in zijn 5 stappen, perfect en gepassioneerd uitgelegd hoe je het salesgesprek het beste kan uitvoeren. Met zijn enthousiasme, bevlogenheid en duidelijke passie voor sales weet Marcel je te raken, inspireren en enthousiasmeren om er nog meer uit te halen. Hiermee zullen mijn gesprekken nog beter verlopen waardoor mijn resultaten door het dak vliegen (zoals Marcel zou zeggen). Zodat ook ik mijn business tot een groot succes kan maken.

Zoek je iemand die ook jouw sales verbeterd door van jou een salesprofessional te maken? Dan weet je nu bij wie je moet zijn!
Duncan Buisman

Co Founder & Sales Manager, MeerVerkopen

Melonie Dodaro

CEO, Top Dog Social Media

Puur uit nieuwsgierigheid ben ik bij Marcel terecht gekomen. Toen ik aan het rondkijken was tussen de Nederlandse salestoppers en motivational speakers sprong Marcel er voor mij tussenuit. Niet lang daarna zijn we met elkaar in contact gekomen en hebben we tijdens een goede lunch kunnen sparren. Bij Marcel was ik absoluut aan het goede adres, this guy knows his shit!

Na jarenlang succesvol trainingen geven, professionals coachen en motivational speaking lukte het Marcel ook zeker om mij te inspireren met krachtige en scherpe (outside the box) antwoorden op mijn vragen. Marcel is seeing the bigger picture and loves to share it!

Ik heb erg veel aan onze meeting gehad en kijk er ontzettend naar uit om binnenkort weer het halve land door te reizen voor een vervolgsessie.

Eli van Lieshout

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