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Step 4 of a successful salespitch: Closing a Customer


This section is the actual “Money Part” of my full course “How to Jumpstart your Sales Results”. This is the part of your Sales Pitch where it’s important to become even more focused and to get even more excited. I also know that this is the part that a lot of Direct Sales Professionals fear and/or struggle with.

I believe that when you are not closing enough customers it’s probably because you’re making one, two or even three very common mistakes. 1: Because closing is the part where you actually make your money you are now focused on selling where as in the first couple of steps you were focused on really helping the customer. The second mistake struggling Sales Professionals make is having a fear of hearing NO. The third mistake is not recognizing the perfect timing of a close.

In this training session you will learn how to eradicate these mistakes. You will learn the perfect time to “Ask for the order”, learn that NO is actually NOT the worst thing you can hear and you will learn how you can use a few simple “Closing Questions” to take control of the conversation and lead your customer towards the decision to buy from you. When you apply what you will learn in this training session I will guarantee that your “Closing Rate” or “Conversion” will increase by 15% to 50%



Even though enrolling in a full course will help any Direct Sales Professional to get from where they are today to where they need to be in the future, there are a few exceptions.
Some Direct Sales Professionals already master various parts of their Sales Pitch and only lack the skills in specific areas. When you feel you don’t need the complete course but want to improve only specific parts of your Sales Pitch you can choose a single training session to help you get the results you’re after and complete your arsenal or optimize your skillset.

After enrolling in a single training session or full course you will receive an email with a password protected login that will lead you to your private Online Course Environment. You can view the various videos at your own time and pace and you can view the lectures as many times as you want. To make sure you get the maximum result there will be a multiple choice test at the end of each section. Upon completion of the test you will get another email with your test results and if you want you can download a certificate showing these results. You can put this certificate on your LinkedIn page or resume.

Take your career to the next level and have fun transforming from struggling Direct Sales Professional to Asskicking Highroller.

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